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Here at Fluxx Electrical, we have a competent team of certified residential electricians ready at your service. Some of the common projects we’ve worked on in the residential scope are home electrical wiring, outlet installation, lighting installation, electrical panel replacement, and electrical panel upgrade. Simply give us a call at 647-494-1069 and one of our highly trained specialists will consult with you. Now that we got your burning desire to obtain our contact info out of the way, let's take this opportunity and allow us to show you the many fascinating facets of the residential aspect of the electrical trade.

It is both widely and wildly speculated, conjectured and surmised that of all the various types, categories, sorts, classifications and regimentations of inquiries we get in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, residential requests account for the majority. In other words, our residential electricians tend to be the busiest among our crew of electricians in various electrical specialties including but are not limited to the residential, commercial, and industrial specialties. Even though we have an immensely strong feeling for the aforementioned hypothesis, for a long period of time, we had neither the technology nor the resources to confirm our hypothesis with real-world, tangible, apodictic data. However, at long last, with the help of next-generation, cutting-edge (or edge-cutting, whichever you prefer), state-of-the-art artificial intelligence assisted telephone support technologies that we’ve now been able to acquired, we’ve managed to collect, sort and analyze the relevant data in order to reach a solid, established conclusion in order to either confirm or reject our hypothesis. And with the first hand, trustworthy and reliable data in our hand, we can now say with the utmost confidence that Fluxx Electrical does indeed receive and complete, on a daily basis, a tremendous number of jobs that requires a residential electrician to attend to in Oakville. Now that the mystery is solved, the question then becomes, what does a residential electrician actually do?

We’re glad you asked. In order to give you the full picture (after all, you might as well understand it fully if you were to understand something, am I right?), we’ll try to explain to you from an electrician’s perspective what being a residential electrician is about and that includes what we do, our work environment and what it takes to become one. We hope you’re pumped up by now because we certainly, undoubtedly, undeniably, indisputably are. Alright. No more messing around. Let’s jump right in.

When it comes to wiremen electricians, there are predominantly (not dominantly) two types. One is called residential and the other is referred to as commercial. The difference might seem simple but still a lot of folks don’t know or simply can’t wrap their heads around the idea. So here it is. Residential electricians work in residential buildings such as apartment complexes, houses and condos. In other words, if it’s a building with sleeping accommodation with or without cooking facilities that needs help, you’re in need of a residential electrician. We’re sorry. But if that explanation still leaves you confused, the only other person we will refer you to is a medical doctor, not an electrician.

Now that you understand the basic definition of a residential electrician. Let’s explore a little more on their work environment with a focus on Oakville, Ontario. Most residential electricians are employed by either an electrical contracting company or a construction company. Some of them are self-employed. There are upsides and downsides which come with each path one chooses to take. For example, self-employed electricians have the freedom to pick the jobs they want to do whereas employed electricians have fewer flexibilities in that regard. Whatever the case may be, the following generally applies. A residential electrician receives a job inquiry, which might be regarding wiring installation, system maintenance or electrical panel upgrades, etc. Upon examining one’s own ability and the job’s requirement, they can either accept or turn down the job. Should they accept the job, they’ll travel to a job site in Oakville, Ontario on the agreed-upon date and begin working.

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Residential Electrician in Oakville
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